About my life

I am a full time working mom trying to keep my sanity.  This isn't always easy.  At two in the morning when I am having a hard time getting out of bed to comfort my daughter until I remember that I had her, she did not have me.  Bleary eyed I am making my way through the first year of parenthood.  If I survive I think it will be a miracle, but then I look around me and realize there are millions of parents who have lived through children.

I have two dogs that are no longer the center of my world, my daughter takes up too much time.  I feel awful and although they are still loved and spoiled with treats they are learning to share me.  This is not going over very well mind you. 

My husband supports me and my crazy ways.  I am lucky to have found someone who may not always get me, but loves me always even if what i might be doing makes little to no sense to the male mind.