Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Toddler of Terror

Holy Cow Moment #?:  Yes. I said it.  My toddler is a terror!  Sometimes. 

As she rips off her own plants and diaper and streaks down the hall I'm left open mouthed and frustrated.  It's nearly eleven at night and I am tired.  But what can you do after chasing said toddler for the last few hours EVERYWHERE.  Nothing.  So i sit and wait for her to come back.  I later will check for wet spots in the carpet.

And finally terror comes back.  Baby number two is kicking the pee out of me and now I have to wrestle the bare-butt toddler into a new diaper and more pants.  At some point she will go to sleep - I am sure of it.  At some point!

<Sigh>  These are the moments that you laugh at the next day, but wish would end the night before.

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