Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PJ Quota

Holy Cow Moment ?:  I am running out of time, laundry detergent, and sanity.

Last night was a three jammie night.  I just stand and shake my head. That’s right. Three.  Here I thought the infant stages were bad when blow outs happen, A LOT.  Now is the toddler vs. anything she can get her hands on.

First pair had the footie part dunked into the dog water.
Second pair had a sad ending with some chocolate milk.
Third pair made it to bed but barely.  I had to de-crumb it after said toddler wolfed down four blueberry muffins. 

Lucky for me PJ’s at toddler size won’t take up much room in the wash.  In fact I can do all her clothes in one load – even if she wore three jammies, two outfits, and a millions pairs of socks – in one day. 

Does this just sum up my life right now or what! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toddler Bed 2, Daughter 0

Holy Cow: My baby Is growing up.

My daughter is officially in a toddler bed… okay “in” might be the wrong word.  She sleeps in her big girl bed for most of the night and then will fall out.  One night she made a noise and fell back to sleep next to the rocking chair curled in a ball.  Another night mom wasn’t as lucky and the poor kid was awakened and scared herself.

She has oddly transitioned to her new bed fairly well.  A little fighting here and there but she does well over all. She appears, so far, to stay in bed until we come get her if she wakes before us.  Which of course she usually does.  One more step in getting ready for baby number two.  Aside from not always staying next to me in the store and needing to be potty trained, I’d say we were in good shape.  Over Christmas we will officially get Number 2’s room ready.  At present my daughters room went from busy to crowed when we moved in the toddler bed.  We will be removing the crib this weekend.

So tricks to getting your kid to sleep in her own bed?  Well patience in one.  We started out with letting her ‘play’ with her bed before she was put to sleep in her crib.  Slowly that turned into letting her fall asleep on my lap and laying her in her big girl bed until she woke up.  Naps were key.  We didn’t try nights until after a week of naps had been successful.  After another few days of successful nights in her bed with her already asleep I started to transition her to the bed awake.  This was a little more difficult and involved some crying.  But in the end the subtle transition paid off. 

Anyone else have any tips to share on transitioning a toddler to their “Big Kid” bed?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dresser Shopping

Holy Cow Moment?:  I apparently am clueless on what a dresser should cost.

Thanks to a new baby we have to redistribute throughout the house.  While going through the: what we have and what we need, we decided that maybe a new dresser for our toddler was a better option and recycle the old to the new baby.  The dresser is mine from being a child and is a tank – but isn’t exactly cute.  So off we go onto a new hunt for a dresser.  Let me start out by saying that I refuse to pay over $300 for a dresser.  My ideal price is under $200. 

As I scour the internet, what did we do before the internet? Anyway,  as I scour the internet, clicking on different store ads, using Google to find new stores, it becomes apparent that dressers cost a whole lot of money.  Dismay fills me as I realize we can’t get our child a new dresser, but what about a new to her dresser?  Craigs list here I come.  My jaw drops as I click on one ad link to the next.  Wow is there some ugly out there.  Just because you saw some value in that dresser in the 70’s does not mean it is still worth that today.  Sitting back in my chair I have to wonder where do I go now?  Do I twiddle my thumbs or sit an wallow?  Who knows.  What I do know is my daughter is a proud new owner of a toddler slide that craigs list had.  I shake my head.  Why is it that you give up on what you were looking for and somehow find something else you didn’t really need.

Holy Cow do I have ADD.  I look for a dress and buy a slide.  Well at least she is having fun.