Monday, June 25, 2012


Holy cow moment #: Can you bribe a toddler? The answer is-drumroll please- no.

Toddlers do not appreciate bribery yet, oh but I wish they did. All I want is for my child to go to bed. Or that was the request last night. I'm sure today I had a lot of I wants and I wished she could could be bribed into doing any one of them.

At the moment I am eating the applesauce she should have been eating...and yes I am using her spoon because why do more dishes.

A few minutes ago I was wresting her to stay still long enough to change her diaper. Ha-fat chance.

Walking down the sidewalk I wanted her to stop trying to pull the wagon down the hill when we had been going up it.

Now - oh, now I wish she would stop spitting her half chewed food out just because she wanted a different piece.

oh how I wish she understood bribery and the beauty of it. This probably makes me a bad mom. Oh well I will worry about it later.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A wonderful Dad

Behind every great mom is a wonderful dad... or in my case.

It might be a little late but I wanted to say Happy fathers day.    My husband keeps me grounded, makes sure I don't go off the deep end.  What i would do without him I don't know.

We took dad to the races - drag races.  My daughter loves loud cars.  Even in the womb she would become very active around cars.  Oh joy!!

So in honor of my husband making it past year one he got to go to the races, something I know he has missed.  Of course at home his races now consist of a wagon, a toddler that jumps ships while the wagon  is moving and chasing her down the street.  That's only a little different right?

"When I was a kid, I said to my father one afternoon, 'Daddy, will you take me to the zoo?' He answered, 'If the zoo wants you, let them come and get you.'"

Jerry Lewis

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The shuffle

Holy Cow Moment #?:  Why did becoming a mom erase my unease with most functions that used to cause me  discomfort?  Oh right, it's because once you have a child what is there to hide?  No less then ten people saw me - i mean saw ME! My poor husband tried to keep my modesty but the nurses and doctors and specialists certainly don't.

I still participate in certain 'pass times,' but I still find them funny just less vital then I used to.  Such as the bathroom stall shuffle. Why is it we see someone in a stall and we have to move over, not one, but two. If there are only two stalls it seems to cause a standoff for the parties involved. News are in a bathroom and so am i -i think i know what happens.

That said we all do it. Maybe its the idea of privacy. only an idea since there are no fact the small stalls barely cover you below the knee.  The other thing a find entertaining as a mom, is in general you always have someone watching you 'do your thing'.  My toddler doesn't seem to get personal space ever.  I think what goes through her head is: "Mommy is sitting.  Cool, lets climb on her."  Just one more reason mom's somewhat have to stop caring about certain social idiosyncrasies.

So, Although I will automatically move over to a stall not next to an occupied stall i still find this to be funny and somewhat ridiculous.  As if one stall is going to hide what you are doing.  Maybe it is human nature because my daughter hates when I change her and someone else is around.  Maybe we are born with modesty? - well some of us anyway.