Monday, January 28, 2013

The Silverware Heist

Holy Cow moment ?:  Where has all the silverware gone?  I wonder to myself where in the world have all my spoons disappeared too as I try and eat cereal with a fork.

I was standing in the living room diligently sorting through baby clothes.  What can my new son wear vs. what needs to be donated, tossed, or kept in a box that I will never open again BUT swear I need?  While I got teary eyed over my daughters tiny newborn outfits I hear a familiar rattling.  Metal on metal jingling.  Creeping around the corner of my kitchen I don’t see anything, but I do hear the noise louder.  Then I hear the thunk of a drawer closing.  I move a little slower into the kitchen and around the island to see the tiny culprit.  My toddler, bless her little self, is holding a spoon and dipping it in her cup of water. 

What should go through my head is the concern that my child is growing independent.  I should be worried that she is taking things upon herself.  Instead I feel relieved that I now know where all the silverware is going.  I never knew that I would need to worry about silverware being used to eat cheese, water, crackers, and whatever else a toddler deems worthy of adult eating utensils.  I sigh.  One more thing to note of your child.  Normal everyday items that adults forget to see the value in will soon become a toy.  You silverware will be abducted and re-purposed for hitting your stove, eating water from a cup, and something to bang on your wooden table – usually the fork with pointy side down.

Holy Cow the excitement through a  child’s eyes.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mom's Plate

Holy Cow Moment ?:  Diet plans are for the birds, just have a kid to eat all your food for you.

Did you know that food - the exact same food mind you, will always taste better on mom's plate?  My toddler will refuse her plate and all that is on it.  She will insist that she is full if no alternate option appears.  However, when mom's plate is within reach the tune will change.  I had no idea that blessing a food item with the luxury of being on mom's plate automatically made it better.You'd think with this option that I wouldn't have gained as much weight as I have with baby 2.  And no, I will not tell you how much that is.  Let's say it is more than what the doctors would like.  (Yes that would be pretty much anything over 5 lbs. Stupid charts.)

Holy Cow I will probably never eat like a normal person again.  Maybe I should start taking enough for 1.5 people - then again with my luck she won't eat that day and I will be left looking like a pig. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Where is Your Sock Now?

 Holy Cow Moment #?:  Socks are disappearing quicker then an oreo in my toddlers hand – and that’s fast.

How does a child take off a sock one minute and the thing disappears the next.  I can’t blame the dryer monster or the sock Nomes.  I saw her do it.  I saw her remove the sock after meticulously planning and then I turned my back for one second and it was gone.  Maybe I am raising Houdini? Maybe not.  All I know if that a child can somehow lose things right before your eyes. 

Holy cow having kids costs a lot.  Not just for the food and clothing they need, but for everything they lose too. Grrr

What did you kid lose that made you scratch your head? Did you ever find it?