Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PJ Quota

Holy Cow Moment ?:  I am running out of time, laundry detergent, and sanity.

Last night was a three jammie night.  I just stand and shake my head. That’s right. Three.  Here I thought the infant stages were bad when blow outs happen, A LOT.  Now is the toddler vs. anything she can get her hands on.

First pair had the footie part dunked into the dog water.
Second pair had a sad ending with some chocolate milk.
Third pair made it to bed but barely.  I had to de-crumb it after said toddler wolfed down four blueberry muffins. 

Lucky for me PJ’s at toddler size won’t take up much room in the wash.  In fact I can do all her clothes in one load – even if she wore three jammies, two outfits, and a millions pairs of socks – in one day. 

Does this just sum up my life right now or what! 

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