Monday, December 3, 2012

Manic Mom Sunday

Holy Cow Moment: I thought I hated Sundays before.

Having kids has made me dread the end of the weekend worse than before.  I hate leaving my precious child – while she’s asleep anyway.  This morning I quietly push her bedroom door open expecting to see her curled up, butt in the air, asleep as I do each morning before I go to work.  I always wake her and give her some applesauce or yogurt, change her diaper, and give her a few minutes of cuddle time before I have to say goodbye and head out.  This morning a tiny figure was patiently waiting for me on the edge of her bed.  The moment she saw me enter her room she very meticulous scrambled off her toddler bed to greet me.  It was the sweetest moment to realize she looks forward to our short time together in the mornings too.  This does not however erase the rush of Sunday nights.

Sunday’s were once a day to enjoy your last day at home.  Now they are overrun with making meals, doing laundry, picking up the trail of destruction to pretend like I cleaned, spend quality time with my child and maybe the husband, run to the grocery store and stores in general, come home do more laundry, and so on and so forth.  Someday I will be adding homework to that list.  I guess what it comes down to, is that with kids there are no “quiet days” just “quiet hours” when the children sleep and so you should be too.  But with all the crazy going on the thing that makes Sundays the worst is knowing that the next day you will be returning to work and leaving your little ones for most of the day.

Holy cow a little person can make Mondays worse than they were before.A second is only going to make leaving harder... darn it all.

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