Friday, January 11, 2013

Where is Your Sock Now?

 Holy Cow Moment #?:  Socks are disappearing quicker then an oreo in my toddlers hand – and that’s fast.

How does a child take off a sock one minute and the thing disappears the next.  I can’t blame the dryer monster or the sock Nomes.  I saw her do it.  I saw her remove the sock after meticulously planning and then I turned my back for one second and it was gone.  Maybe I am raising Houdini? Maybe not.  All I know if that a child can somehow lose things right before your eyes. 

Holy cow having kids costs a lot.  Not just for the food and clothing they need, but for everything they lose too. Grrr

What did you kid lose that made you scratch your head? Did you ever find it?

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