Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mom's Plate

Holy Cow Moment ?:  Diet plans are for the birds, just have a kid to eat all your food for you.

Did you know that food - the exact same food mind you, will always taste better on mom's plate?  My toddler will refuse her plate and all that is on it.  She will insist that she is full if no alternate option appears.  However, when mom's plate is within reach the tune will change.  I had no idea that blessing a food item with the luxury of being on mom's plate automatically made it better.You'd think with this option that I wouldn't have gained as much weight as I have with baby 2.  And no, I will not tell you how much that is.  Let's say it is more than what the doctors would like.  (Yes that would be pretty much anything over 5 lbs. Stupid charts.)

Holy Cow I will probably never eat like a normal person again.  Maybe I should start taking enough for 1.5 people - then again with my luck she won't eat that day and I will be left looking like a pig. 

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