Friday, December 9, 2011

The big bad "B" word

Holy Cow Moment #: Why is it you say the words "we are going on a budget" and you just jinxed yourself? The word budget subconsciously must mean "I'm rich let's spend more then we normally do."

I'm no longer using the word budget, we are going to use the words "we aren't leaving the house because we can't afford gas" this way my darn subconscious stays in check because I sure as heck am not walking anywhere. Maybe this is just us, but a few others I know seem to have the same odd phenomena occurring especially around the holidays.

Holy cow moment: the word budget has become a word that we no longer say in this house, my daughter will probably associate this word with those other bad words we also no longer use. I see it now "mommy someone just said the B word...Budget"

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