Sunday, December 25, 2011

Omg, Y U can

Holly Cow moment #: I can live without the cell phone, yes it's true. There is survival beyond the cell phone. although it has taken me a husband, a baby and turning an age past my twenties I survived an entire evening without the electronic leash. Christmas eve proves that you can use a normal camera-one actually higher quality then my phone, novel concept. I have also learned there is absolutely nothing I am missing on face book, nor do I have to post a photo of my babies first Christmas just to enjoy my night. I have learned I don't need to txt everyone-this experience made me go back to what life was like before texting (gasp)-yes I know was there such a time. Well my fellow followers, life goes on although I did hyperventilate for the first 30minutes but after I stopped trying to check the evil device that has single handedly enslaved humanity, the night went great and everything was the same when I got home to it's tiny little brick like body.

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