Saturday, December 3, 2011

You will Understand....someday

Holy Cow Moment ?: ever hear the words "you'll understand when?" well it's a load of baloney in my opinion.

Things I still don't understand:
- I still don't understand how getting older would help me understand why You think I'm wrong...I still know know I was right.

-I still don't see how I was ever going to use certain math or science classes...and I'm in a field that supposedly uses them.

-growing older never explained why people are so rude or why a puppy can melt even the grinch's heart.

-Having a child did not help me understand my parents any better but she is helping understand insomniacs better.

-I still can't figure out why store bought cheese doesn't mold even after 2 months past the expiration date.

-Men and some of their actions is still a mystery to me-granted. I still can't always explain other women's actions either. and I will never understand my dogs.

Frankly I just think some things are better left alone. So holy cow moment is: before I use the words 'someday' or 'when you're older' and the phrase 'you'll understand' I'm going to stop-put on the old thinking cap and go "huh, will they or am I just saying it to shut them up." (those with two year olds can be exempt).

What were you supposed to get someday?

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