Sunday, September 16, 2012

Annihilation of the Competition

Holy Cow Moment ?: I thought raising my daughter and having her reach toddler-hood was going to be the hardest challenge for me. I was wrong. Apparently it's going to be keeping the new baby alive in order to be born.

Mommy is always the favorite toy,but up until recently my stomach was never the target. Now I have to watch what I am doing or how I am laying in order to protect the new spawn. Why? My daughter is trying to take out the competition.

Okay, so I don't think she knows what she is doing. Because if she did then I guess she really would be evil. As of right now I think it's all coincidence. We all like to tell ourselves that our children are our husbands evil spawn but I don't think we actually believe we?

Holy Cow how will I raise two children when one is inadvertently trying to take out the other.

For those with multiples how did you do it?

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