Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Appearances, not just good but good enough

Holy cow moment #:I found myself zombie like this
Morning-I'm referring to exhaustion but I'm sure my haggard pre-shower self could resemble a zombie a bit. This state of being isn't new really, but halfway through applying eyeshadow I realize its not even close to the intended look for the day. I know, I know, appalling-or you're shocked I still apply makeup. Believe me I am too. it took both eyes for me to stop and realize I don't match, not really, but oh well. Pre-baby I'd have washed it off, post baby I shrug and think 'it could be worse.' please note that on days like these you will see people outside of work you'd prefer not too-work people in general are exempt because on a good day everyones too busy to care about your look. On a bad day you're the office gossip until 'that guy' does something to pull attention from your orange or neon look.

So holy cow moment-I'm not only applying makeup, I'm being creative about it. I'm impressed I notice I've applied the wrong eyeshadow before I leave the house, even if I do nothing about it. My husband has a saying 'it's not just good, it's good enough.' I understand now - it just took me sleep depravation to get there. What's the next step- not caring if your socks match-oh right, never mind.

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