Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Play Date' - The evolution of socialization after kids

Holy Cow Moment:  Having a child didn't do me any favors when it comes to having time to myself, accomplishing goals, or doing anything other then being conducive to my child.  Oddly enough as much as I thought my social life would decline, it hasn't.  In fact I have more of a social life now then I did before - its just different. 

Suddenly everyone wants a piece of you.  Someone wants to swap baby horror stories, tell you about school, or share their beliefs in diapers and bottels.  Another mother wants to pressure you into another baby or eight, Sally Something next door wants to tell you about greek yogurt and arrange  a playdate.  Hello unwanted social life.

What is a "Play Date" anyway.  Is saying, "Hey lets get together and the kids can play" difficult?  Maybe I am just too new to this whole mom thing.  I felt like a fraud when I first got pregnant. Until I got my first ultrasound I didn't think i belonged but now it's a whole new experience.  Suddenly there is a special language.  What next, a secret handshake?  The mommy club is super exclusive - just ask your single or child-free friends.

So not only did I have to learn to be a mom I now have to learn to be a social mom.  And here I thought the hardest thing to do was to survive, turns out knowing the Code words are just as difficult.

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