Monday, July 9, 2012

Death to a Pony – 'My little Pony'


Tis a sad day that we send off our first pony to the great beyond.  It’s official that our annual “Christmas Ornament Massacre” has arrive nearly six months early.

Holy Cow moment ?:  How do I explain the death of a toy?  

How do you explain to a toddler that her toy is, for all intensive purposes, dead.  How do I explain why the dog is not getting yelled at, or well he was but he is not being punished.  How can you explain why she must apologize and the dog does not, not over her toy’s death but in general?  Well lucky for me I have a little bit of time to get these answers.  As of right now, my child didn’t care except for the fact I had to remove the remains of the pony from her grasp.

My dog, the dear, annoying, horse that he is, eats anything with legs.  The first year it was only the left leg.  I lost Rudolph, several Santa’s, a care bear or two and in the end I decided it was simply time for new ornaments.  The next year there was no leg discrimination. Left or right, arm’s had to go too.  Finally I got smart and the dogs no longer get to be near the tree – but now what?  My daughters legged toys are no longer safe. 

We have tried showing him love, giving him treats, letting him have new toys and removing her toys from his sight but to no avail. Somehow the dog finds the legged toys.  Our house at Christmas is a grave yard of paraplegic ornaments; oh I would love to keep this from happening year round, I hope we find our solution soon.

Holy Cow am I amazed at what my dog will do for attention, but worse yet I am amazed that no matter what we do dog of toddler will always find what you missed.

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