Sunday, January 1, 2012

The evolution of mass mailings ...

Holy cow moment: As I received my mass txt birth announcement from a friend I couldn't help but think about what my children will grow up with. Up until the early 90's it was chain mail or mass letters with-wait for it- stamps. Slowly email sprouted into homes, taking chain mail and mass emails from USPS, really it just made these annoying mailings more prevalent and irritating, although they were easier to delete. Next came the intro to social networking, myspace, Facebook we can send out little gems of info like "I got a coke zero" or "I stepped onto the grass today". Next came the affordability to send mass text messages and Twitter... Suddenly you can't choose what your going to read.

I still don't think a mass anything takes place of telling close friends and family good or bad news. Also just because you think your emotional diarrhea was important in your head doesn't mean the remainder of the world wanted to be your therapist-that's why you have friends and no, social networks with "friends" doesn't mean that all 600 people who you "friended" are your near and dear, sorry if that's harsh.

Our children are going to grow up either thinking everyone cares about everything or that their parents generation was retarded. Either way us poor parents, aunts, uncles don't stand a chance at looking at all normal in validating the current social network craze. Good news though-we have officially figured out how to avoid ever having to talk to THOSE people who can't shut up, now you can read about their aging cat that no longer can control his bladder.

Is it bad my almost eight month old can use an iPod? Holy cow what is the world coming to?

This post makes me feel old...

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