Friday, June 1, 2012


Holy Cow Moment ?#:  I have seen the stories where a mother has been able to lift a car off their child due to adrenaline.  The love of a child is extraordinary.  I too have seen this in my life… I can kill a spider if the said arachnid if threatening my child.  Okay.  So this isn’t really the same as lifting a car but it is no small challenge for someone who is petrified, as in I need boots to step foot in the yard for fear of an attack – well maybe not boots but shoes none the less.  I get the hebbie jebbies so bad I can’t rest when I know a spider is in plain sight.   (Please see a previous post for further explanation).

To date I have killed four – count it FOUR –
1.       Killed a spider that was on the bathroom floor.  I know it was stealth crawling to get to my daughter – okay so she happen to be across the room in the closet but he looked shady to me.
2.       Killed another arachnid foe on the wall.  I know he was arriving by air to attack from above; sort of like a Halo Jumper.  Yes, my daughter was actually in his path.
3.       Spider three was found at daycare. I think he was tired of my daughters theatrics but alas he had to go.  This one was actually a joint effort.  Three woman – two teachers and myself.  Oddly enough I succeed and saved my devil – I mean darling – from any bites.  This spider was not stealthy, it was a blatant attack – I am positive.
4.       Spider four happened to catch me by surprise and although I normally am a rational person (okay not when it comes to spiders) he caught me off guard and was smashed in the process.
I can say spider 1-3 were 100% piousness even if not deadly.  Thank you Google for giving me nightmares.  Spider 4 was unidentified and therefore I can’t say.

SO sorry to my previous post that said I would research a spider before killing – I will work on this.  Spiders give me the creeps just like aliens.  If I saw an alien I don’t know that I wouldn’t try and kill it and ask questions later – granted if they were cute and furry like a dog I would most likely pause and ask if they were here as a foe or friend.   

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