Monday, June 25, 2012


Holy cow moment #: Can you bribe a toddler? The answer is-drumroll please- no.

Toddlers do not appreciate bribery yet, oh but I wish they did. All I want is for my child to go to bed. Or that was the request last night. I'm sure today I had a lot of I wants and I wished she could could be bribed into doing any one of them.

At the moment I am eating the applesauce she should have been eating...and yes I am using her spoon because why do more dishes.

A few minutes ago I was wresting her to stay still long enough to change her diaper. Ha-fat chance.

Walking down the sidewalk I wanted her to stop trying to pull the wagon down the hill when we had been going up it.

Now - oh, now I wish she would stop spitting her half chewed food out just because she wanted a different piece.

oh how I wish she understood bribery and the beauty of it. This probably makes me a bad mom. Oh well I will worry about it later.

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