Friday, June 8, 2012

While she sits ....recap of the first birthday

Holy Cow moment: Children take a very long time to eat... so now i can blog while she so meticulously chews.

I simply wanted to recap my daughters first birthday.  Overall i think it was a success but you always wonder what the guests think.  Too bad for me i am not a mind reader. 

The day started early - too early because i had some skewed idea that baking cupcakes would be a wonderful idea.  Four dozen later i decided that was a stupid idea.  I made tiny chocolate roses to adorn the tops of each and try to tie them in to the Tangled theme.  I made a dozen little cups of blue jello where a small orange sail boat sat, also to be in theme with Tangled.  In the end it didn't make or break the party.  A one year old is too small to appreciate anything, i guess i am glad i nixed a lot more ideas. 

Two larger then life braids, a felt banner and some balloons made up the remainder of the party decor. 

Each child left with a balloon, bubbles, some crap slinky that was stuck to itself - although i hope every mother enjoyed unsticking them, some temporary tattoo's and chalk.  What else does one give to a large spread of children at, again, a 1 year olds party?

Well here's a photo, hope you enjoy.

Overall - the 'tower' was a fail, my daughter was grumpy by the end but we still loved seeing everyone.  We are blessed to have great friends and family.

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