Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Just Said What?

Holy Cow Moment ?: If anyone were to read my text messages to my husband they'd either think I was kinky or disturbed.

Here are the last few text messages to the hubby:
"we have pee"
"just had a poop. It was thick too."
"just ate 2.5 chickens"
"more pee. Thank God."

So let me say that our daughter has had diarrhea and vomiting for three days. She was becoming severely dehydrated. The above maps out that she is starting to get back to normal,but honestly I never thought I could describe poop-or that I would ever study it. Another conversation had the phrase "she pooped but it was more pudding then solid." Sorry pudding, no offense.

As far as the chickens go, please I live in suburbia. No deep woods oddities here. She ate a couple of nuggets that my husband lovely refers to a simply-chickens.

A little more insight into what parents talk about when one is away and the others trying to keep them informed is fluid intake or dosages. Bu I now see that for what it is...I'm not only into odd fetishes but I'm a drug addict.

"use a syringe"
"try a teaspoon"

I am referring to ways of getting our daughter hydrated when she doesn't want to drink.  But these two phrases alone, to anyone else, would have made someone seriously question us.

Either way the results are the same.  When did this become my life?  

Holy Cow we talk about poop and pee and get excited about it.  Never in my life did I imagine being excited over bodily functions. 


  1. Last night my husband and i finally sat down to dinner and about half way through had to discuss a poop situation. 2 years ago I would have been like, "Hey I am still eating here!" Last night I just continued to eat, not bothered at all.

    1. It makes me giggle!! I remember being in the DDD house and girls were afraid to go number 2 :-) Now we talk freely about poop! Glad you and your husband had a stimulating conversation.