Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glutton for Punishment - Baby Number 2

The word is out – or at least I think it is.  If not it will be now.
 Holy Cow Moment #: Baby number two is on their way.

Did we just sign ourselves up for a world of hurt?   Somedays I think maybe.  When my daughter is running around without stopping for hours and all I can do it pray she crashes early so I can go to bed the idea of 2 is a little intimidating. 

This baby was a small surprise.  Yes we weren’t not trying, but I had been told that it wouldn’t be easy to get pregnant this time around.  Why?  Well thanks to the first pregnancy I now have a few health issues and on top of that I am still nursing – just barely but I am.  Well let me just tell you the doctors are full of poop. 

So here I am due in March, just before my darling toddler’s second birthday.  Will we survive?  I don’t know.  I guess we will since millions of others somehow do it.  Does that really help reassure me?  Not really.  I still feel like I am on an island, alone. 

If I survive the morning-afternoon-evening: okay I am sick all the time. Whatever dopy doctor names it morning sickness should be shot for the misconception that leads to.  Anyway, if I survive that and the new baby survives my toddler trying to take him/her out already by pretending mommy is a trampoline, I suppose we will be okay.

Oh how I wish that a stork really was the way a baby arrived. 

Holy Cow what have we just done? :-)

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