Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Flight - Preperation for Close Spaces

Holy Cow Moment #:  And I thought I was a pack-rat before having a baby. T-Minus 2 weeks to vacation and a 2.5 hour flight.

What are we doing to prepare for flight with a toddler?  Well to start we are buying several new toys to give her something to distract her.  We are loading ALL of her favorite movies onto the i-pad.  We are trying to get her use to wearing minimouse earphones.  What we are not doing yet is potty training. I think this is obvious why.

We have been asking around to see what the best options are for flying with a wee one.  Some people swear a carseat is the best option, others say no, the empty seat is better.

Pro's to an empty seat -
Place to change diapers
Run around room
A place for all your toys
a place to sprawl incase sleep is a possiblity

Con's -
No good way to constrain the tiny tot
Well-no good way to keep her still

Pro's to a car seat -
One less item to check
A place to harness he tiny butt
It a a familar place, her space

Con's to a car seat -
It's big and bulky
I don't want to carry the thing
It might take up all the "play space" for her

I think in the end we are going to gate check the carseat.  It's free to check why not.

Current check list -
Copy of birth certificate for child - Done
Bags for her carry on items-done
carry on toys - done
Benadryl - done- oh wait it says not to use to make your child sleepy.  Sigh. 

Any tips to flying with kids under teh age of 2?

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