Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Movie Rotation

In our house we have a rotation of 6 movies.  Winnie the Pooh-The movie, Rio, Tangled, Monsters Inc, Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon.  Today though is momentous! We are trying to introduce the <drum roll> The Lorax. 

Holy Cow Moment ?:  When did I become ever so lucky to know EVERY word to EVERY song or line to the popular children’s movies.

I think we are lucky because my daughter knows nothing of the annoying shows that are like kid crack.  The down side to her not knowing of Dora or Diego or something about oddly shaped what’s-it, is that I have to watch the same movies over, and OVER, and OVER, AND OVER again.  I feel like maybe I am adding something new to my character though. 

What is really sad about this whole situation, is once you have watched a movie- no a cartoon too much you start to analyze it. 

Such as in Tangled. Rapunzel says.  “You can tear this tower apart brick by brick and you will never find it.”  She is of course talking about Flin’s satchel.  The statement is a little off.  If he tore the place down brick by brick at some point he would find the satchel… he just would. It’s a fact.

In Rio – ignoring the talking birds.  Who in their right might is going to travel with some crazy bird guy to Rio De Jenerio.  Hasn’t she seen the movie ‘City of God’?  Aside from kidnapping and murder fears, (thank you society for instilling paranoia in me) how did the bird guy find her?  Blue fell off a truck – I doubt that he was registered anywhere.  Or is there a bird registry?

Now in Despicable Me – ignoring… well most of the film since there is no way minions are real, or are they?  Supposedly the minions have families and are getting paid.  So how is it that they suddenly can afford to give up their paychecks to build a rocket…what about their families?

I have a million more questions but then it occurred to me.  I am analyzing a cartoon because by the hundredth time it has run its course on entertainment value and I need to create some kind of new drama.  

Oh the life of a parent. The things we do to make our kids smile – or to shut them up.  Whatever your reason, please join me in the movement to keep our mental sanity and converse with me about something other than cartoons and what color my Childs poop is.

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