Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Butterflies and Balloons

Holy Cow moment #: Having a family can make you love your spouse even more then the day you got married. What did your Husband (our partner/spouse) do for you this week to make you smile?

We love our kids, our dogs or any Pets in general.  We give them unconditional love and somehow forget that thirty minutes ago your darling/s was just terrorizing your world.  But sometimes out beloved husbands (or fill in the blank) get forgotten.  I think it says a lot in itself that they don’t mind taking the backseat or being cast aside while we rear the young that your spouse oh so sweetly helped you create or adopt.  Usually it takes two, although, in today’s world maybe that isn’t super true – it also might be you, a cup of something ‘special’ and a doctor.  Who knows. If you are the latter, rather than the former then well, hmm.  Then I guess what did you do to make you smile this week?

For the more traditional household - My husband constantly amazes me.  Mostly because he hasn’t left me yet, running away as fast as humanly possible.  I know me, I know I am nuts some days.  Between emotional melt downs to pure exhaustion he seems to keep coming back for more.  I should smile at just that.  But today I woke up to see a huge pink butterfly balloon in our kitchen, just floating there serenely.  I know it is for our daughter.  She has an odd fascination with balloons, as I assume most children do.  The small and cheap gesture makes me smile knowing that he always thinks of us.  One day I get chocolate milk another day she gets a balloon.  He keeps us guessing on who will get spoiled that day.  The part that makes me smile most of all is the thought of my husband, a man who is male, masculine, anything but delicate carrying out a huge pink butterfly just because he knows that it will make our daughter smile.  I want to say this is one of those moments where it takes a true man to be a father. 

What did your husband do that put a smile on your face?  From cleaning the bathroom to simply letting you watch your favorite show I know they did something that makes you remember why it is you married them in the first place.  And here’s a tip, write down what they did so you remember those moments when you are an inch away from recreating an episode of the Soprano’s and driving halfway across the country to bury the body on the Jersey Shore. 

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