Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday by any other name

Monday mornings are the worst… well next to Sunday nights.  I hate the impending doom – er I mean the inevitable beginning to the work week.  I dread leaving my daughter every morning but unfortunately I was not born into money and worse yet I didn’t marry for money.  I know right?  The one thing you can control and most of us marry for love.  Okay, actually I wouldn’t have it any other way but I still hate leaving my daughter.

Why is it that she is a nightmare at night, always!  The time when you can spend every second with her, you can hold and cuddle her.  You can watch a cartoon or play with her favorite ball, but yet she is usually Miss Busy Bee and doesn’t want to cuddle or sit with me at all.  I get pushed away by my almost eleven month old as if she has better things to do, I guess I can’t compete with the activity table and fisher price cell phone.  Fine whatever.  But still if she were this nightmare child in the morning AND I didn’t have to worry about my husband getting sleep I just might not hate leaving to go to work.  It would make my life just that much easier knowing I get to leave and take a mental break before I inadvertently put her up on ebay for a price that can’t be denied.

I guess children know?  They must realize that mom needs a reason to come home, she needs the mental anguish as a reminder to not forget to come home.  Granted her smile of joy when I walk into to get her from “school” makes everything worth while.  I know she missed me and sometimes I really think these few precious hours away strengthen our relationship because I am ready to deal with her grumpy butt, but better yet I cherish her smiles.  I love the moments when I get to hold her, or when she puts her tiny, chubby, baby hands on either side of my face and pulls me into her.  These are the moments that save her from her would be ebay fate and also the moments I want to cherish because I know that all too soon she really  won’t want anything to do with me. 
Monday morning is hard to leave because of her content and sweet disposition as i feed her before work, but Monday nights have to be the best because she misses me.

Holy Cow who knew that although having a child has made something’s in life harder – like leaving the house or having to return to the work on a Monday she has actually given me something to look forward to all day.  Sure she is driving me at high speeds into a mental break down some days, but for the most part I am enjoying the ride - but for the love is it hard to get out of the house in the mornings, especially Mondays.  If you thought Mondays were bad before, just have a child and they get worse. If we called Monday by any other name would it still suck?

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