Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Little Things

I found a star pasta in my spaghetti today – courtesy of my ten and a half month old daughter.  The little star made me tear up and my heart squeeze at how much I miss her each day I am at work.  Isn’t it funny how your child is forever implanted into your life?  You know they will be around forever – or a minimum 18 years baring all catastrophes (I pray no one ever has one.) But you never think about how  the little things are what really imprint your baby into your life.  A star shaped pasta from her dinner the night before that goodness knows how it got into the lunch you packed, or the tiny sock that somehow found its way into your pants pocket in the wash the night before.  The little drool mark that annoyed you as you left for work is now dried but the pink tinge (thank you Benadryl) is still there.  The odd longing to hold your baby in your arms (and baby could even be your twenty year old, they are still you baby – of course holding a twenty year old in your arms is a bit different then a twenty pound toddler) the longing stays with you throughout the day.

The memory of how my daughter reached out last night, mouth wide open (because somehow she thinks this is a kiss) and slobbered not only my mouth by also my nose still makes me giggle.  Ok, so really everything out kids do that is nice makes us love them even more… husbands well…just kidding.  I love my husband too.   I love the Reese’s Easter egg that I found in the fridge after a rough night or the chocolate milk that he just thought I needed (I have a little addiction I won’t lie.)  But in life its all the little things that make us feel loved – and help us to not eat our young or bite the heads off of our husbands (or wives). 

So when you are sitting down – er I mean standing up trying to gulp down your coffee while balancing a child on one hip, laundry on the other, maybe listening to another child screaming and smelling your dinner burn remember the small things that make your day complete.

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