Friday, April 13, 2012

Crawling Helmet?

Holy Cow moment ?:  Did I just age 40 years?

I understand safety.. who doesn’t want their child to thrive and not have a million visits to the hospital or emergency room?  What normal parent isn’t striving for their child to make it to adulthood to become the next millionaire and save us all from our working class lives.  But isn’t it a little extreme to force our child into the crawling helmet?  I understand their our extreme sports, I even am starting to embrace the biking helmet for a jaunt through the part – sometimes; but a crawling helmet?  Gasp- How did we make it this far in life without one? 

Oh no -  I sound like an old timer.  “Seatbelts? who needs seatbelts?”, “Back in my day we didn’t have car seats or cribs.”  Okay thank you old people I get it, I truly do but in most cases these are life saving devices that have some sound research behind them.  Also 60 years ago high speeds were 45 mph not 75, cars were metal not fiberglass, cribs were new wood instead of aged drying out wood where the hardware is now loose.  But a crawling helmet? 

You can’t protect your child form everything – as much as I want to.  We can’t stop them from falling, we can’t stop them from shoving everything and I mean everything in their mouths.  We can’t protect them from heartbreak, or mistakes – or can we?  Padded rooms seem like an awesome idea?  Lock away our child and only let them watch the Leave it to Beaver reruns or  The Brady Bunch. But in the end kids have to learn somehow and some mistakes and ouches or owies are for a purpose – they are a part of growing up.  Besides if your toddler or baby are that far from you all the time that you think your best option is a crawling helmet maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.  Once in a while you will step away and they will fall, but most of the time we are around our children in order to lessen falls and bumps, but if they never fall they never can learn to get back up.  It’s scary out there, the world is a death trap but I can’t push my paranoia on my child.  It just isn’t healthy.

Holy Cow where is our world headed?

Tell me what you think?  Would you use the helmet or not?  Maybe you have a great example that might just change my mind?

An article on MSN was out today if you want to read more on the helmet and other mom's point of views.

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