Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Thank you …

Holy Cow Moment ?:  As a parent you find yourself “Thanking you’re lucky Stars”. “Thanking God”, “praising the heavens” or whatever else phrase you can think of whenever you see a child worse than your own.   While you’re locked away with your tiny little minion or brat, evil one or whatever else you might call your spawn – er I mean child you have a tendency to think your child is the worst one out there and you have been cursed.  But rest assured you are not and they are not. 

My daughter is active.  She is a sweetheart for a ten month old but she had more energy then a chipmunk on speed – I assume they have a lot of energy but it might just be the squeaky voices. Either way she never sleeps and hates to sit still EVER.  My recent venture was to hit up Toy-R-Us, it was  supposed to be quick but it never turns out that way.  While we were there my child, belted in or not, would not stop.  She wanted to be out of the cart, then in, then pushing it ,then sitting backwards etc etc etc.  She isn’t a bad girl just a busy girl and when you don’t have the ability to walk you have to depend on others to help you expel your energy.  She does listen when you say no, but her comprehension of no at ten months old is limited, or so I keep telling myself. 

After fighting her (juggling her) for thirty minutes, only five of which have been spend shopping, I am ready to surrender and leave the store.  I guess I  realized I had to give up things when I became a mom but I didn’t think it meant I had to be a shut in all the time.  My daughters saving grace and the sanity check I needed came in the form of another child, he was possibly one, but maybe around my daughters same age.  He let out a blood curdling scream that made my daughter and myself jump.  I think we both thought a little free range baby had run into something and split his head open.  But no, we were wrong.  His mother had simply put him into the cart – I know gasp how dare she.   He screamed for a minute straight until his father showed up and removed him.  I figured that this meant he got what he wanted and he would cease to cry – well scream really.  No, once again wrong assumption.  As my daughter wide eyed and confused watched as this little boy was cuddled and escorted from the toy aisle I realized that my little girl is just smart.  She isn’t bad,  she isn’t a pain, she is just learning. 

SO thank you demon child at Toys-R-Us.   You have helped my relationship with my daughter and the realization that no matter how she is wearing me out or driving me bonkers at least she smiles through it all.  People react to her with a smile and a laugh not a cringe and the fastest route away from her.  I feel for the parents with the screaming kid, I wish I could help you but I can’t.  Either way just remember that just as soon as you think your child is the worst go to Toys-R-Us or anything other children’s store and you are bound to see at least one child worse or more crazy then your child.  I guess something to remember is that in my case my kid isn’t actual bad she is just CRAZY and keeps my hands full at all time.  But then again what else are a mothers hands for if not to play with her child – I just wish mine would find and interest in shopping instead of playing – or maybe not.  Maybe this is Gods way of helping me save money since I no longer have the energy to go to the store, let alone leave the house.

Holy Cow how are we all getting through the infant/terrible two's/terrible teens/raising children in general?


  1. The best way to love your child for who they are is when you see a child who is physically or mentally handicap. That always gets me and makes me kiss the heads of my perfect children and be glad that my body helped me carry them (even though it will never look the same) and be glad that my children can run and push and have healthy lungs to scream and cry.

    1. Well put!!! It breaks my heart to see those children that are hanicaped because that is every parents nightmare, I am thankful every day I have a healthy little girl who is crazy busy which means she is healthy and happy! By the way i hope your family is safe with all the Texas Tornados. i don't know areas well there but you are in my thoughts.