Monday, April 23, 2012

For the love of shoes – er I mean my daughter

Holy Cow Moment #: When did I start to be completely practical when it came to fashion? Not that I was ever a fashionista by any stretch, but now more so then ever I actually utter the words – “Well I only need a brown pair and a black pair." I am talking about shoes.
Yes I know, what kind of woman says that. What kind of woman in her right might says she only needs two pairs of shoes?
Now don’t panic I still have all those shoes that I have bought through the years, the kind of shoe that you wear three times a year. But for every day wear I have actually settled for 2 pairs of sandals and 1 pair of ‘winter’ shoes. Welcome to mommy-hood in the middle class.

Becoming a mom and not being independently wealthy means that I now have to share my love of shoes – well the budget anyway. My daughter has a couple of pairs of cute shoes though, so no worries, she is not deprived.

I've decided that you really know you love someone when you not only give up buying new shoes just for fun, but when you share whatever shoe money you could have had so your child has shoes too. Ignore the fact your stomach is forever ruined-there is nothing like giving up shoes.

Holy cow maybe I am looking at this all wrong! Instead of 3 pairs of every day shoes I have three and my daughters. Sure I can't wear them but I get to dress her up and take her out too, so it's almost as fun.

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