Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You say hoarding, I say saving

Is adding color to the posts exciting or not?  Blogger has changed things a bit and i wonder if i should try out some of the new features.  Life is exciting i tell you.

Holy Cow Moment #?: My husband was speechless as I sat on the couch using embroidery floss to make invitations. He wasn't speechless because of my mad crafting skills or the fact he has now embraced the braid, which, will come in handy when our daughter has hair. He was speechless however when I said, "See who knew that 20 years later I'd finally use this stuff."

I will fully admit that I sometimes have a hard time getting rid of perfectly good items just because they have gone out of style or I'm too busy to use them. I feel validated today as I use the kit that I so carefully assembled at the age of 10 to make friendship bracelets. I may not be giving my BFF a bracelet but it’s come in handy in making invitations for my daughters first birthday. The invites are in fact free since I had everything on hand.

Sure i get rid of things but sometimes you just need to keep certain items. I’m glad my intuition was right in this case.
(take that men - female intuition is not to be argued with.  I feel this is one of those moments where “I told you so” could apply, although I still have to face the fact that it take me years to get to the “I told you so” moment.)

So although I am not sure if I should be embarrassed that I have held onto certain items for years upon years they have come in very handy.  I fully embrace certain trends will never come back – or we hope – parachute pants, fluorescents, really bad plaids and stripes (oh wait they did come back) you get what i mean.  But for those trends like the friendship bracelet, i really think that my daughter will get back into something like that, and if not ... well i will keep using it to make cards. 

Holy how I want to write 6 sigma or 5S teams and tell them to bug off. I just saved $10 or more by using things I already had that take up little to no space at all. Okay so what if it still sat for years, its a craft item and one that I have periodically opened up through the years – mostly to validate saving it but so what.

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