Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where are all the dads?

Holy cow moment ?: Where are all the men?  By the children of course.  Finally a perk – or a use – for the fact most men are simply big children.  They can think on their level and play with that a little harsh?

My daughter turned one this past week.  A milestone and a sign of success all in one.  She made it the first year without major incident and mom and dad survived.  The phenomena at the party was that all the mothers were in the kitchen hanging out while the dads were the ones with the children.

The real men in our lives are not the ones pictured in novels or the ones in the movies who oose testosterone.  Okay so they obviously oose testosterone, they are men after all.  But you know what I am saying.  The real men, the ones who captured our hearts, the ones who we look for each day and the ones we dream about (I hope) are the men who were sitting on the floor around a tiny Disney Cars ball pit while their children played. The house was filled with tiny screams of joy and lots of male laughter.

The sight that warms my heart and makes it feel so full it might explode is when I see my husband playing with our daughter.  Laughing with her, throwing a ball or two for her – I hate to tell him she isn’t a dog but she likes it. 

These are the real men in our lives.  It doesn’t make them any less a man to have a daughter, or any less a man to play princess dress-up.  It doesn’t make them less a man because they can’t go out to the bar.  In fact in my mind it makes the men I know more attractive to their spouses because it means they are no longer concerned with what the public thinks.  It takes a real man to be a daddy.  As the cliché goes, any man can be a father but it takes  a special man to be a dad. 

 This post is a holy cow I am more in love with my husband today then I was one year ago.  No a baby wont fix a relationship, yes a baby will try yours and bring out little fraying threads but in the end if you already had a good relationship all the small trials and tribulations will help you grow as a couple and show your straights and weaknesses.  No we haven’t had a baby free date as of yet but I don’t mind. I don’t feel like anything is missing, we are closer then ever before – granted that might be because when we have five minutes alone we make the best of it.  There is no more taking either person for granted – we don’t  have the time.  

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