Wednesday, October 10, 2012

101 Ways - A Little Help from Unbiased Parties

I thought I would ask those out there how they forgive or get over years of mistreatment, or hurt, or anger?  That might mean you've been mentally abused, or someone stole your homework for years, or a coworker continuously steals credit for a project. 

When the guilty party never actually accepts that they are the ones at fault do you simply turn your back and stay guarded realizing that history has continued to repeat itself?  Or do you pretend like they just might change and then are astonished when something does happen, again?  I have in the past, forgiven and forgetten the first few times something happens, but after the tenth time your constitution starts to waver.  It finally hits you, that yes this will continue to happen unless you make a change.  My change?  I try and create distance in most cases. Sometimes I've stood up for myself just to realize that deaf ears are on the recieving end.

How do you handle a situation where a person in your life continuously wrongs you?  If they swear up and down they are changing what does it take to believe them - when in the past the words were purely said to apparently appease you?

If my problems were spiders I would simply step on them and call it a day.

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