Monday, October 8, 2012

What's in Your Fridge?

Holy Cow Moment?:  Have you ever woken up to see the cereal in the fridge?  What about legos?
As parents we have all been so tired at one point or another that we put the milk in the cupboard or leave out the coffee creamer.  What makes life even more fun is when your toddler can reach the fridge and starts leaving little surprises that make you laugh.  Everyone needs a rubber ducky in the veggie drawer right? Just don't try and cook it.

My house appears to be in constant turmoil. The more my child can reach the more things that I have now lost.  The more she moves the more items that are scattered everywhere.  Yesterday I spend nearly thirty minutes trying to find my makeup.  I guess its like an adult scavenger hunt, just without any clues. 

What would we do without our children to ruin the house. 

Holy Cow no matter how much I try and clean after work and on weekends, she can undo my efforts in less then ten minutes. 

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