Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pray for our Children

I feel like I should do a short post for Jessica Ridgeway.  I think, that like most, I am heartsick for the family who lost their 10 year old daughter.  It makes me sick that there is yet another predator out there harming the Innocent children. 

Pray for the family who lost their daughter.  Pray that they find peace someday.  I don't know that anyone can ever truly recover from a loss such as this, but I hope they find a way to move forward someday.

This fear is a primary example of why we almost didn't have children.  How can we protect them from the evils of the world?  The answers never truly came.  Just the realizations that we can only prepare them to stand against bullies, avoid strange cars, run from dangerous people, and to grow a thick skin from harsh words.  The issue is though, that we also seem to create a paranoid society at the same time.  Where is the balance and how do we best protect those we love?

The truth is that only 2% of violent crimes are abductions. Of the children abducted only 1.4% of children will be abducted by strangers.  The odds are our children will be safe from strangers but how do you convince yourself of that when someone is abducted only miles from your home?

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