Monday, October 1, 2012

Let the Food Aversions Begin

Holy Cow Moment ?: Who knew pasta could be so revolting.

Baby number two officially doesn't like pasta or rather marinara sauce.  Friday morning as I packed my lunch for work the sight of leftover spaghetti made me go running for the bathroom.  Who knew?

My first pregnancy I craved more then I was repelled by, which is probably why I gained a ton of weight. Or, it was a lot, according to those stupid charts that doctors pass out.  You know the ones... The charts that say if you weight more than a bird you can't gain anything.  I always wanted to ask how it is they can tell a poor pregnant woman they are fat. I made a spleen today, what did you do?

Anyway, for now I am cutting out one carb - pasta, so that should help this time around.

Holy Cow everything I knew from baby number 1 isn't going to be squat for baby number 2, at least during the pregnancy.

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