Friday, October 26, 2012

You Have Got to be Kidding- Man Sue's Wife for Ugly Baby?

Holy Cow Moment ?:  What is wrong with the world today?  China is a little backwards on their woman's rights and having children, but this seems a little off. Click the link to read the story. MSN Man Sue's Wife

If I ever meet a man who claims his child is ugly, or tired to blame his wife for an ugly child, I believe I speak for all woman here, but we would ban together and make sure said man never, EVER, has another child again. 

If you have a wonderful husband make sure to hug him today.  If you got rid of a man like this, Kudos!!!!

Seriously men, who in the heck do you think you are?  Not all men are created equal and obviously this one was scraping the bottom of the barrel.  How much does it cost to send hate mail to China?

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