Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines day (or Single Awareness Day – whichever end of the spectrum your on.)

There is no Holy Cow with this – well I guess there is:

Holy Cow have the stores gone even more crazy this year for the Hallmark Holiday.

Shouldn’t every day be Valentines Day? Do I really need a date on a calendar to tell me to do something special or nice for the person I love?  I really do not see what all the hype is about.  My husband has always bought me something, cards every year, usually flowers or great chocolates even the occasional gift but honestly I would rather save the money and just remember that every day is Valentines Day.  Say I love you every day.  Make a date with each other just because.  I think our new tradition will be to buy our daughter a valentine’s balloon – a balloon to keep her busy so we get a few minutes to cuddle on the couch, Valentines day just seems to have a better selection then other holidays.  I don’t want to fight the crowds for dinner reservations, give me a heart shaped pizza at home any day.  Also why is it that Valentines Day is female centric?  Men deserve romance too. 

Now what is Valentines Day good for?  Great Chocolate is EVERYWHERE, cute lingerie (If you are into that kind of thing) is on sale, everywhere you look pink and red accost your senses – this actually puts me in a good mood, chick flicks are on 24/7 – I think this makes up for football season don’t you?  But really that’s all.  For those not in a relationship this is Single’s Awareness day, a day to want to toss your cookies over all the happy couples, don’t forget singles – today is a great day for everyone to think they have a good relationship, lots of relationships end on Feb 15th.  I just don’t get it.  Every day is a day to be loved and frankly if you need a day to dictate when you should take time out for your family or your significant other then maybe its time for an attitude adjustment.  Everyday is Valentines day when you have the people you love around you.

Ever wonder where the day actually came from?  Well so do most historians and the rest of the world – after reading several articles I still this it’s because of Hallmark.

wikipedia on Valentine's Day

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