Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mom's do not get sick - Revisited

No new comments? Apparently I am the only one going though this contrary to popular belief :-)
Holy Cow Moment ?:  My child is a cold remedy...

As I lay on my daughters bedroom floor analyzing how I need to clean her carpet I realize that sometimes the worst situation really isn’t that bad.  I’m sick, I feel like I might toss my cookies and my ears hurt like someone is taking a ice pick to my Eustachian tube – yes I learned some medical terms.  I had to crawl from my room to answer the dire call of my eight month year old.  Her world is ending no doubt at 3am in the morning.  

As I gently and not very gracefully pull her tiny squirmy body from her crib and gently yet quickly set her on the floor with her nauseated mommy it occurs to me that this sort of sucks.  But does it?  She doesn’t see me as sick, she sees this as playtime and freedom.  Mommy is her favorite jungle gym, sour tummy or not.  Her sweet little hugs almost make you feel less sick.  It still doesn’t stop me from calling my husband and making him panic – no he isn’t a bum he is working a swing shift so he wasn’t home at the ripe hour of 3am.  This goes back to earlier posts of making sure the husband pays even if it really isn’t his fault. 

My adorable daughter who has worn her self out and is now ready for her back to sleep nursing oddly enough cooperates and snuggles next to me on the floor that needs to be cleaned badly, how has it gotten so bad?  I should lay on the floor more often for perspective.  Anyway – she falls asleep and now we wait for daddy, who is panicked and feeling terrible, to come home and place sleeping infant into her bed and rescue mommy from her prison on the carpet. The carpet I can’t get past that I need to clean and if I weren’t sick I would be washing it at 3am.  

Holy Cow, remember when you used to be the baby when you were sick?  Now you feel like Hercules.  Illness what illness – except as soon as your child is back to sleep out comes the sick feelings again.  Who knew Children were sort of like Tylenol Cold or Dayquil or whatever your choice of cold remedy is.  They work for 4 hours and if you don’t take some more – or if your child is back to being stress free- you feel like crud again. 

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