Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay Mrs. Judgey Pants

Holy Cow Moment #: Holy Cow and I thought teenage girls were mean, nope it turns out the mother can be worse.  We all know the mother hen that protects her children, shields them, encourages them and we all admire her but what about the overindulgent, judge judgmental witch up the street?  Frankly I can’t decide to fear or just dislike her.  She judges the crazy mom down the street, who yes wears crocks every day and pants from <gasp> target or old navy, but her children are happy and well adjusted.  She judges the mom up the road who <gasp> isn’t feeding her child organic-vegan-tofurkey.  She judges the working mom three houses down who loves her children and spends every moment she is home with them, more then I can say for Mrs. Judgey mom who is spending WAY too much time staring out her front window knowing when everyone comes and goes, who is having an affair, who isn’t fit, who eats out too often and who is or isn’t happily married. 

There is that mom in every neighborhood or playgroup, in every group of daycare parents.  She judges your child’s sippy cup or that your child isn’t walking but crawling.  Well you know what I say Judgey mom from around the block!  Mind your own cotton-pickin business because frankly my kid seems better adjusted that your three spoiled rotten kids that scare me, I can envision their faces on future wanted posters. 

For all the normal moms out there, stay-at-home, working or somewhere in between put the smack down on the mom that judges you because we are succeeding every day our child survives. And so what if I celebrate mediocrity, so what if my child ate a freaking non organic cheerio, so what if my kid likes to were her hair in an odd spiky pig-tail thing, so what if my child loves florescent stripes with a red poka-dot top, who cares that my child is eating her own sock… she is happy and healthy what is your kid doing?  Well other then reciting three dead languages and building up a physical intolerance for meat, who cares that your child in a metro-sexual at the age of 7, who cares if your child can spout off half the dictionary – tell you what no one but your kid knows what he is saying REALLY EFFECTIVE.  

Holy Cow are mom’s judgmental.  Poor girls, there is no break, you will be judged from pre-school to middle school, from middle school to college, from college to the rip old age of OLD, the good news is at some point you just don’t care anymore- I am not there yet.  

This was inspired over an incident with a graham cracker.

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