Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eight months later and counting

Holy Cow Moment #? My friend recently had a life changing experience and was later asked after all was said and done, "was she glad things were getting back to normal." I find normal to be...inappropriate. What’s normal anyway? How do we reach normal after life altering changes and events? I think the dippy lady meant that it must be nice to be getting back into a routine? But the 'special' person did not actually say that.
so lets look at life. If what I had pre baby was 'normal' then I will never achieve normal again. It is impossible. If what my neighbor has is normal, well, yeah. I don’t want that either; snooty, judgey lady. Now if you ask is my life routine? Well, its getting there.
I still don’t sleep through the night, I get sick all the time (I’m raising a science experiment), my gut has a forever rounded look, my feet are bigger then they were pre baby, I have a new health issue for life, insurance costs more, I don’t get anything done at night, I eat standing up more then I do sitting down-if I eat a meal at all, I have more baby items or accessories then my car or house can hold (its like we live in a maze-a carnival every day). I find that if I can go to the bathroom without being yelled at for one minute the night is relaxing, the hearing that I have currently lost in my right ear thanks to a perforated eardrum has been a vacation-it's so peaceful right now, even if someone screaming as we speak. I have yet to be able to wear one outfit a day and have it actually make it through the whole day clean, there is nothing really that resembles my life before my daughter so again i ask what is normal?

Holy Cow there are some inconsiderate people out there-or maybe dense is a better word for it. Don't ask anything with the word "normal" in it if something large just happened unless you can define 'normal'. A slide show proving that maybe my life wasn't normal before would help and therefor showing the chaos i now thrive in is normal.

Are you normal?

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