Monday, March 26, 2012

Traveling lightly...or being prepared for everything

Food for thought-I drive a mom car, the car prepared for national disaster- what makes you think I would travel lite to start with.

Holy Cow Moment ?: Children will make you perpetually late, it doesn't matter what you do. My daughter, even for a girl, still seems to have an absurd amount of accessories.

Our first vacation was a three hour road trip. We still left 2 hours after we initially thought we would even with us trying to leave around lunch-not even mid morning.

My plan was to get a rental car, why add unnecessary milage to our cars. This was in fact a great idea. We got a much larger car then we own...this apparently was necessary. We filled a larger car, mostly with my daughters things.

Travel highchair to harness the tornado. Travel pack n play, to allude to the idea that she might sleep alone-I was wrong, strange place means sleeping with mom and dad. Lots and lots of toys of which the best things to play with were a plastic spoon, a magazine (it died and did not make it home), moms purse and again anything that can be shredded-why do we try. We also had her suitcase with multiple wardrobe changes, not because she's a diva but because we either poop through it or wear most of our food. Diapers, well we didn't even try we simply bought a new bag, predicting our Childs usage is as accurate as predicting the end of the world. I won't bore you with everything we packed but we were prepared for it all and thanks to moms over preparation we had success.

Holy cow-we can fill a midsize suv, what happened to traveling with the basics?

The bad thing to come from the trip is I want a new car, I loved the rental and was sad to leave her. Yes, her, we bonded-the car not my daughter, although we bonded too.

Yeay for a successful family getaway.

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