Thursday, May 17, 2012

The art of Communication or the lack there of

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Holy Cow Moment #:  Communication isn’t intuitive; it is learned or unlearned in some cases.
Having a child I realize the importance of communication now more than ever before.  My tiny little one seems so fragile and helpless – don’t worry she reminds me how not helpless she is as she crashed through the house stirring dogs, moving chairs four times her size, displacing other larger furniture.  I guess it is like have a munchkin employed doing your redecorating.  Everything looks good if you are staring up from waist high – and you have zero mind of form fit or function.   No mommy doesn’t like running into a chair in front of the stairs – I know shocking.

But as I watch her learn she is picking up ways to inform me that she is tired, hungry, thirsty but these communications are lost on others.  They seem to only speak to myself or my husband.  I can’t help but feel protective and a little apprehensive to allow her to be watched by anyone else because they indeed miss her subtle signs.  There is a huge amount of freedom that comes with being able to express your thoughts and basic needs.  When my toddler learns to talk life might be a little more freeing although not any more quiet.  This is one of those times where seeing the traits of the more talkative parent are not in your favor.

The skills she is learning I hope to instill in her for life.  I hope she not only learns that by communicating her needs they are met, this will also equate to someday having healthy relationships something I feel most adults don’t embrace.  I am sad to see relationships of those close to me fall apart simply because the two parties can’t figure out how to communicate to one another and then there are those relationships that no matter how much I communicate the other party doesn’t know how to listen and effectively carry on a conversation back.  I swear that in some cases these people used to be able to communicate… they have to on some level or they would never have gotten where they are today.  How does one simply forget, or is it refusal? Sort of like when your child refuses to swallow a piece of chicken and purely on principle will sit for five minutes with their tongue hanging out of their mouth, chicken statically sitting there until you allow them to spit it out.   This is not a desirable trait.

Holy Cow I have my work cut out for me.  I need to make sure my child communicates but also knows how to listen.  How can I create a good balance?  This is one of those times I simply throw my hands up and pray that God  will toss me an instruction manual so I can somehow raise a well adjusted and balance human.  Granted – I am not sure there is such a thing, aren’t we all just a little be off our rocker at times?

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