Friday, May 11, 2012

A daily dose of fiber

Holy cow moment #?: I'm fishing out paper...out of what is the question. Out of my darlings mouth. Who knew paper, napkins, boxes or anything else in the paper product category could be so yummy?
A knew excuse-my child ate my work. Literally. Think anyone will believe me? I have more note pages with tiny edges and chunks of paper missing. It looks like i had a mouse attack, alas but no , its something much harder to get rid of.

I'm not sure if my daughter is trying to tell me she needs more fiber or something else. Her first birthday is approaching and I wonder if i should advise all guests to wrap gifts in biodegradable paper with natural dyes, or better yet-wrap gifts in fruit rolls ups!! Of course then the dogs would help unwrap/eat her gifts.

Holy cow who knew id be wresting paper from my child like a dog. She bites down and wont let go. The visual is actually really funny, especially when she places the paper in her mouth purely to carry it hands free while pushing her walker around the kitchen.  I do worry the dogs may be rubbing off on her. If she starts to growl maybe I should worry?

Am i a bad mom because my daughter is eating paper?  One more check mark against me I am sure.

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