Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Op

Holy Cow Moment 3:  Yesterday we took family photos.  Wow, family photos.  It used to be dog photos or couple photos, now its family photos.  I used to worry about my makeup or hair looking perfect, making sure everything was pristine (yeah don’t go look at my old photos because it never was no matter what). Now, all I wanted to know is, “Do I look like I tried?”  or “Is there baby spit up anywhere on me that you can see?”  So I think it is safe to say things have progressed… er maybe regressed? 

I also underestimated how much work it is to get a husband and infant ready for photos.  I had grand plans to curl my hair – I know gasp- what mother has time to curl their hair.  I did abandon this effort after I actually found the time and energy put on makeup and eyeliner!  From there my darling daughter was in sweats and a shirt figuring she has a tendency to spit up on everything, we would just change her at the photo place.  My husband did get himself dressed and very well I might add.  His tie was perfect something I don’t either of us had mastered for last years Christmas party so I was really proud.  (I should note that he doesn’t wear ties but once a year since his job is hands on and rather messy.  A tie would actually be a safety hazard so unless I don’t like him anymore or I need the insurance money he doesn’t wear ties.)

So off to the store we go.  We are of course are running in my mommy definition of “On time.” We have exactly 5 minutes to get said daughter dressed and get into the studio so in the end we were 3 minutes late.  Wow moment again – we were changing her diaper stripping her and redressing her in tights, dress and a sweater in the parking lot.  My husband was slipping a diaper cover on as I was holding her attempting to button her up one handed.  If there had been a contest for dressing a child in less then 2 minutes I think we won.  Our daughter found this highly amusing which made dressing her all the more of a pain since we too were laughing.

As we get into the studio, 3 minutes late, the people seem a little frazzled because heaven forbid they treat people like people instead of cattle going in for slaughter (apparently I have a fixation with cows based on my second post and this one).  As we are sitting down it hits me… where are our daughters shoes and headband… oh right on the seat of the car where we put them.  Go parents! Well these cows just threw a huge pile of manure out there – or at least that is how they looked at us because my husband had to go get these items.  I refuse to pay for photos that I don’t think will look cute and the headband made the outfit, I think. 

Well to make the long story short we ended up swapping appointments with apparently very put together parents (I think they were just brought in to make us feel bad).  The photos were still done in record time – I didn’t know I could sprint in heals – that didn’t even make it into the photos.  What’s the point of having cute shoes if no one sees them? 

So wow moment of my week was – I have a family, I don’t care about my hair anymore and I apparently can’t get 40 things done at once without being late and still forgetting something.  The good news is that at least everything was in the mom car; it’s just too bad it didn’t make it into the mom purse to make the trek inside.

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