Friday, November 11, 2011

Chivalry is not Dead

Happy Veterans day and thanks to all our armed forces out there! 

This is not the post for today but it is a warm fuzzy I had to share.
A Holy Cow Moment: Chivalry is not dead – and apparently I still look good enough to be sort of flirted with at a donut shop at 7 in the morning. So that narrows down the flirters to be in high school or dads.  These two were in high school but it was sweet non-the less.  The fact they were so sweet made me feel like my decision to eat a donut (yes just one…ok two) was valid instead of working out.

Anyway as I said I was at the forbidden donut shop that will remain nameless to protect where I buy my donuts from.  I was heading out to the door as a normal person does to exit a building when it opened by itself.  Being I am not Harry Potter this means there was someone on the outside with impeccable timing.  In this case there were two someone’s.   I paused and we engaged in the “No after you” circle when finally the taller of the two boys says, “we are keeping Chivalry alive in your life now please exit the building.”  I couldn’t help but smile and they smiled back also as I followed up with an, “alright well thank you very much.”  I now have renewed faith in people today and am hopeful that my daughter will someday have a chance to find a decent man (not until 25 years of age of course – incase dad is reading this).  If chivalry isn’t dead that means it will be passed down to future generations.

 I hope someone holds the door for you today  J

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