Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Green (or orange or yellow) is not my color

 I have survived another day!  Oh and so did my daughter - i think that this has been a rather successfull week already. 
Holy Cow moment 4:  When did my nights go from watching TV shows with maybe a load of laundry, some light cleaning and dinner making, go to piles of laundry that never gets caught up, bottles to prepare for daycare, diapers to change (nearly every 30 minutes – apparently we are healthy), juggling a kid on my hip while cooking and who the heck knows when I’ve even looked at the vacuum last - let alone seen the surface of my kitchen table?

Ooo, oo I know, I know (I raise my hand like there is anyone looking) – it was about the time I pushed out a watermelon size child from my loins.  Talk about ripping you a new one.  A top the other wonders of parenthood there is the new added excited of food!! YEAY we have graduated from purely milk to puree.  Mommy’s diner now serves vegetables.

This is exciting – this is a great milestone to get to but now we’ve added more to the already short evening.  Now we have to have purees made and prepared, bibs need to be washed A LOT, mom and child go through about 2 additional outfits a night – great who didn’t need more laundry, a highchair needs to be cleaned and I have discovered that dried sweet potato can resemble that of cement, it also can remove hair, perhaps she could aim at my eyebrows that give me a more menacing sinister look – something that could have been great for Halloween.  

So far our status is: hate carrots, love sweet potatoes, like green beans, love sweet potatoes and still hate carrots – this time we threw them up and yes they were still orange.  Although I love the color arrangement of carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes I am not a fan of finding them all over my clothes, in my ears or hair – oh Child your ears are not a good location for them either. 

So Holy Cow – when did I become Picasso’s canvas?

So close to Thanksgiving I can’t wait.  Maybe we will try something new – pureed fruit perhaps? What stains the least, any ideas?

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