Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mom Car

I have yet to go out of the house minus a baby, that’s just the start of all the changes.  Every day there is some new “Holy Cow” moment, weather it’s me stepping outside my sleep deprived, stressed, spit up smelling self and seeing it or someone else pointing it out there is always that moment when you go, “how in the heck did I get here?”
Holy Cow Moment 1:  I had the realization that I had the “Mom car”.  Similar to that of the “Mom Bag” or “Mom Purse” but I have the car.  There was sun in my Childs eyes and as I have yet to get a sunshade for her window I dug in the car and found, low and behold, a towel.  Perfect! My husband just shook his head.  My husband complained he was thirsty and, low and behold, I found not one but 4 bottles of water.  The temperature dropped to freezing and of course we didn’t think to put coats on when we left the house at noon, thank you Colorado but, low and behold, the Mom Car had a coat for each member of the family.  After pulling these miraculous yet practical items from my car my husband was silent for, about five minutes.  Shortly there after he suggested I clean my car.  He later would regret this when we went to get a coffee and I had removed the refill mugs that gave us discounted coffee from a specific shop.  He is now leaving the “Mom Car” alone. 

Today there are gloves for every age and size of person, as long as said person can handle girly colors. There are at least three hats, but you would need to have an infants head – but don’t worry found some scarves that could be used as hats (mind you these have been in there all summer.)  Next I found several boxes of unopened Kleenex, so if there is a horde of snot nosed children (or fathers) passing by my car we are covered.  I did find myself surprised when we drove by a food donation box at a store, I was able to get out, look in the Mom Car and donate 2 boxes of Mac and cheese and some soup.  I also had some brining bags which although is a little odd have come in handy for those who might get sick in the area – grocery bags would work too but as I am working on this environmentally safe thing all my bags are cloth (that are in the car anyway).

Of course the Mom Car has the basics, a shopping cart cover to protect the munchkin from germs, a few blankets for sleepy moments, a stroller for when duty calls, several snacks such as granola bars.  There is a little make up for the mornings you forget to put any on, a few books incase you get stuck somewhere- you would have some kind of entertainment.  Taking up additional space are a few more towels that I can’t really explain why, but I guess we are good in a rainstorm or flashflood, hair brushes and clips – you never know when you might have a makeover party in the car right?  I know I am missing a lot since I am too embarrassed to do a full inventory of the “Mom Car.” I fear this is only going to get worse as my family grows.   I guess I should say that my daughter is only 6 months old so, again I repeat – “How in the heck did I get here.”

For now I will dig out a nail polish (a stunning pink, because that goes with everything?) sit back enjoy a packet of instant coffee (I actually don’t even remember buying the little packets of instant coffee, so that’s scary) and the mug that has again returned to the Mom Car and kick back and enjoy being a mom. 

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  1. This cracks me up! I can so clearly see your car like this!!! Better prepared than not I guess! Love ya!