Monday, November 28, 2011

Who is keeping score anyway?

I find myself starring at the video monitor screen doing a silent but embarrassing victory dance. I fist pump the air and promptly sprint to whatever long forgotten chore I've neglected forever-I now have 20 minutes give or take. One small victory for mom, no giant leaps were made-my darling child is finally napping.

Holy Cow Moment ?: I never thought I'd spend an hour of my night fighting with a two foot tall human who can say everything in what I'd like to think is close to cave man talk just to get a nap. She actually doesn't nap, we power nap. So to summarize my night-I've been yelled but I'm not sure exactly how but I did figure out it was in protest to said power nap, I was tormented for an hour(well every 15 minutes for an hour) and i was starred down by my tiny human all for 20 minutes of peace. I could just go to work for this kind of abuse and at least I'd know what they would be calling me.

So maybe it's not a full victory but I'm still counting it since right now I have so few chances. Someday though-someday.

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