Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday nights

Has anyone else noticed I've gotten lazy at counting my holy cow moments? Sorry but there are too many.

Holy cow moment ?: Boys,Booze and bars - is what Fridays night used to be made of. Now it's babies, baths and bottles.

Yes there are similarities but I think the wonder is gone. There are still boys but now you're either married to one or raising them and in some cases both. Instead of bottles of wine or alcohol (no I have not abandon drinking all together but I'm tired as it is and so sleep deprived that alcohol really can't compete to the" high on life" feeling) the bottles now contain water, formula or juice. Bars - well if you ask my child her crib feels like a jail but I think those bars aren't the same.

Friday night used to be a night of wild parties now it's a night of "how early can I get to bed?" Friday night used to be for socializing but unless you count "can you say Ma-Ma...Ma-Ma" I think my social life has been limited to parties (birthday, christmas and the occasional family friendly gathering-see previous post on parties).

Holy cow I'm talking nonsense, cleaning purée from my hair, wearing sweatpants (Patton Oswald defends this practice), praying my child goes to bed early, watching wedding shows while folding laundry and daydreaming of 5 minutes with nothing to do. On a really crazy night I go to the drive through somewhere as a perk! Yes people, the drive through was actually made for us parents trying to avoid waking the baby while still getting out. The lazy people have simply taken advantage of the situation. (I wouldn't quote me on that).

Holy cow, I repeat, like in other posts, when did I grow up and why was I so eager to do it.

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